Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Debbie's Crocheted Dish Scrubbies

This isn't a papercrafting project, but it is a super fun and functional crocheted project that my mom taught me.  I was able to persuade her to let me video the creation of one of these little dish scrubbies.  The video is below. 

Basically you need about 11 yards of tule or netting.  Cut the fabric length wise in 3 to 4 inch sections.  Roll your sections into balls and you'll be ready to crochet!  My mom, Debbie, will explain more in the video.  Hope you like it!


~Dana said...

I need one of those!

zeet said...

Thanks for the pattern. Although I was wondering how much of the netting do you use for one of these scrubbers. Thanks.

Kadee said...

11 yards cut into 3-4 inch sections length-wise


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