Saturday, February 23, 2008

What If

1. )YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: Mandy Mazda (Your first pet/current car)

2.)YOUR GANGSTA NAME: Vanilla Chocolate chip (fave ice cream/fave cookie)

3.)YOUR FLY GIRL/GUY NAME: K-Morr (first initial of first name/first 3 or 4 letter of last)

4.)YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: Red Dog (fave color/fave animal)

5.)SOAP OPERA NAME: Miller Ogden (middle name/birth city)

6.)STAR WARS NAME: Morka (first 3 letter of last name/first 2 of first name)

7.)SUPER HERO NAME: blue Diet Dr Pepper (2nd fave color/fave drink)

8.)NASCAR NAME: William Marlow (first names of grandfathers)

9.) WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: Kay Kent (mother and fathers middle names)

10.)TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: Adams Albuqerque (5th grade teachers last name/city that begins with same first initial)

11.)SPY NAME/BOND GIRL NAME: Summer Daisy (fave season/fave flower)

12.)CARTOON NAME: Raspberry Shirtie (fave fruit/something you're wearing plus -ie or -y at the end)

13.)HIPPY NAME: Granola Oak (something you ate for breakfast/fave tree)

14.)YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: Shopping Card Making RainTour (fave hobby/fave craft/fave weather element + tour)


Fab5 said...

Your Avatar has mean eyebrows!


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