Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Desk Dilemma

For a few months now I have been complaining that my current craft table wasn't giving me enough room to work. We bought it at Ikea a few years back. The desk and hutch were inexpensive and they would make do until that day when we finally have a place of our own and I can make my craft room fantastic! (I have so many plans for it :-)) Anyway, here is a visual of what I have:

Anyway, they are fine for now, but I wanted more space to spread out and work. So, I have had my eye on a coordinating corner piece for a few months. Ikea has been out of stock forever!

On Tuesday, I checked the Ikea website and the San Diego store had received their shipment! I was so excited that I called Jim and asked him to run down after work and pick it up. I had to go to Mutual, so I was grateful that he agreed to run the errand.

When I returned home from mutual there was a living room full of boxes and desk pieces. Jim then told me about his errand. He arrived at Ikea, and as many of you know - you have to walk through the entire store to exit. He knew what he wanted so he flew through the displays to the desk section. As he approached he noticed 4 sets of people standing around my desk! He said he walked up slowly and heard them talking to an Ikea worker who was explaining that there were only 2 left. The group sounded disappointed and asked how they could work something out. After all 4 people wanted 2 desks. Jim slyly noticed the aisle number of the desk in the Warehouse and took off! He hurried to the correct aisle and discovered that only 1 desk was left! He grabbed it and headed to the checkout. Once outside he realized that he had parted like 10 miles away and Ikea doesn't allow you to push the furniture through the parking lot - they even have big barricades so you can't take the carts off of the sidewalk. So, Jim found a guy willing to watch the coveted desk while he pulled his car into the loading area.

Then, the fun part started. The desk wouldn't fit in his car! At an attempt to load the piece of furniture he took all of the pieces out of the box and placed them in his car. The desktop took him 15 minutes to squeeze in! After all the pieces were in he got into the driver side - seat pushed all the way up and desktop resting on his shoulder. I can only imagine the ride home! (I have a wonderful husband, don't I?)

Well, to make and even longer story short - the desk was much larger than I had anticipated! Jim was able to put the desk together and put it in the corner, but then we realized that the depth of the corner piece and the depth of my original desk don't match! Now how does that happen! The desks are from the same store, same design line, same color, same everything! Except they are not the same depth! After all of the hoops of fire we went through to get the desk, we can't return it. The box was destroyed while being loaded into the I am going to have to live with the 4 inch difference until I get my custom room. :-) The guest room is now a little cramped with over-sized desks - but being a guest room is really the room's second title. I am sure I will enjoy having all of the desk space to work.

Thank you Jim! I love you!


GiftsByHeidi said...

What a cute story, glad you finally got the desk! Yes you do have a wonderful husband!

Fab5 said...

Okay I'll stop now.
Poor you.
Not really, I'm still laughing.


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